· Mr. Shi Jihong and his brother and sister founded the Newcomer group. Newcomer Group first factory established.


 · Newcomer Group forward-looking finish "NEWCOM" brand domestic registration, began to expand their own brand business.


 · Newcomer Group's Youku "NEWCOM" brand in the United States and Europe and the United States to register.


 · Newcomer Group first in the country to establish luggage physical and chemical experimental real, to ensure that the quality control luggage, standardized, and meet environmental requirements.


 · Newcomer Group through IS09001 international quality management system certification.


 · Newcomer Group in Jiangsu Lianyungang to establish a new industrial base, the manufacturing capacity of the strategic layout.


· Newcomer Group through IS014000 international environmental management system certification.

· Newcomer Group undertook and completed the major scientific research project in Zhejiang Province "Supply chain management system under dynamic user constraints and its application in the luggage industry"

· Newcomer Group participates in the writing of "China Bags & Trade Development Report" organized by the Ministry of Commerce.


· Newcomer Group, the first to establish the national single largest single-style luggage logistics center to meet the multi-brand luggage at home and abroad action;

· Newcomer Group's guest brand won the "brand-name products in China" title.

· Newcomer Group participated in the development of the "Handbook of Quality and Practice of Export Bags and Bills" organized by China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce.


· Newcomer group's guest brand to 2008 for four consecutive years was selected as "Boao Asia Forum only designated luggage gift" ralph lauren pas cher,

· Newcomer group through OHSASI8001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

· Newcomer Group R & D center was named "Zhejiang provincial small and medium enterprises common technical service center & rdquo ;.


· Newcomer Group exclusive access to the US high-end brand Hobbie HOBIE & rdquo; in the global scope of the right to operate luggage, and with well-known foreign design company, the development of Hobbit & Hdb; HOBIE & rdquo; products.

· Newcomer Group sales revenue of 850 million yuan.


· Newcomer Group participated in the environmental protection products organized by the "Environmental labeling products technical requirements - luggage" standard development work

· Newcomer Group selected "Shanghai World Expo franchisee & rdquo ;.

· Newcomer Group acquired the national famous hardcore brand every day luggage, open up domestic and international hard box market.

· Newcomer Group's AROUND & ldquo; face "rumquo; series of products to complete the former patch can replace the revolutionary innovation, and domestic and foreign patents, in the Canton Fair received a high degree of recognition of domestic and foreign merchants.


· Newcomer Group and "China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) reached a senior partner & rdquo; relationship.

· Newcomer Group National single largest bag of multi-brand integrated shop "leisure guest line" in Jiaxing Mewan Street grand opening, the new industry business model detonated the domestic luggage market.

· Newcomer Group developed the world's first boarding suitcase trolley case and patented.